Professional Wrist Strength Trainer

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Professional Wrist Strength Trainer

Increase Forearm Strength!

Improve strength, power, vascularity, and speed in the wrists, fingers, and forearms. Fully adjustable to add or remove tension.


EASY TO OPERATE – Very simple and convenient to operate.

IMPROVE WRIST STRENGTH – Promote athletic ability, suitable for various sports, such as basketball, tennis, pull-ups, volleyball, badminton, etc.

PREVENT ARM AND WRIST INJURIES – With the arm, wrist support parts using foam, will not be picked.

ABS ENGINEERING PLASTIC HANDLE – Feel more comfortable and not easy to take off. Grip firm, durable, wear-resistant, non-slip.

MEET THE NEEDS OF DIFFERENT PEOPLE – Wrist support bend using removable webbing, so that the use of more comfortable.

STEEL SPRING – more durable, strong elasticity, not easy to deformation.

EXERCISE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – Its compact size makes it easy to take on the go, to the gym, office, or use at home.


Material: PP, Carbon steel

Color: Black

Weight: 430g


Use: Wrist exercise, arm strength enhancement


1 * Wrist Trainer

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