Professional repair welding gun

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Professional repair welding gun

A practical gift to your beloved one!

The Professional repair welding gun can be used to repair 98% of the plastic products on the market. Such as car bumper repair, car dashboards, lamp holders, canoes,kayaks, children’s plastic toys and other household plastic items. Extends the lifespan of the item while maintaining its beautiful appearance.


POWERFUL & RAPID HEATING – With our Professional repair welding gun, simply select the correct staples, insert the brass holder, press the power button, and experience quick heating in just 1-3 seconds. This rapid heating process allows the staples to melt seamlessly into the plastic parts.

WIDE APPLICATION – Our Professional repair welding gun isn’t limited to just car bumpers; it can also be used to repair various plastic items like car dashboards, motorcycles, kayaks, toys, and more.

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED – The thoughtfully designed handle ensures prolonged comfort, allowing you to work conveniently, swiftly, and accurately. Staples weld into plastics quickly and effortlessly.

70W HIGH-POWER MOTOR – Professional repair welding gun with built-in 70W high-power motor can heat up to 950℉ Fahrenheit in 1-2 seconds. The 50W Plastic Welder Gun can only reach 550 ℉ in 3-5 seconds. No need to wait for it to heat up or cool down, saving time on repairs. 70W Plastic Welder Gun Kit not only improves work efficiency, It also supports the smooth head to work properly.

3-IN-1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL PLASTIC WELDING KIT– 6 types of hot stapler are suitable for welding in various scenarios, there are 2 smoothing head and 7 smooth stapler, Combined with other tools, it can repair holes and smooth surfaces, no need to buy extra tools. The 3-in-1 multifunctional Plastic Welder Tool can make welding more sturdy and perfect.


Input voltage: 110V OR 22OV

Input current: 0.5(A)

Output power: 70 (W)

Output voltage:1.2 (W)

Output current : 15(A)

Weight : 482 (g)

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