Professional nutrient solution for flowering potted plants


Professional nutrient solution for flowering potted plants

A Beautiful And Bountiful Garden Requires Healthy Plants. While Sunlight And Water Are Essential, So Are Nutrients. Just As We Use Universal nutrient solution To Help Keep Us Healthy When We Don’t Eat Right, Plants Need Fertilizers To Provide The Nutrients They Aren’t Getting From Unhealthy Soil.

Grow Healthier Roots Effortlessly, Quickly, And Easily!

No more trouble growing your own garden. You can take good care of your expensive plants by using our Universal nutrient solution, with very little effort!

With the help of this effective Rapid Rooting Powder, you don’t need to worry about the complexities of plant propagation. Ensure the regeneration of your seedlings and cuttings with this proven solution.

Also used for fresh-cut flowers, suitable for frequent flower arrangement in flower shops, homes, hotels, and other places. Contains nutrients needed of fresh-cut flowers to promote water absorption, prevent withering, and prevent blockage of stem and leaf ducts.

Extend the viewing period of fresh-cut flowers

It can be used for about 7 days without changing water every day to prevent the withering of flowers, leaves, and petals caused by water shortage, making the leaves of fresh-cut flowers in a growing state. The stem is more robust and sturdy, making the flowers open wider. The flower culture medium is odorless for a long time, which can extend the viewing period of fresh-cut flowers

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