Pet outdoor feeder


Pet outdoor feeder

If your dog loves traveling just as much as you do then a high-quality travel dog water bottle will ensure they stay hydrated with safe water while seeing the world.

Whether you’re visiting Paris, taking a long-haul flight, or camping with your dog, both of you need to stay hydrated. If you’re feeling overheated or thirsty, your dog likely feels the same way.

✅ Moving water flow

✅ Easy to drink for your pet

✅ Quality water dispensers

✅ Treat your pet anywhere, anytime

Perfect for camping, hiking and travelling with your four-legged best friends, these portable water bowls are easy to use and carry!

✅ Very convenient to feed your pet

✅ Lock the water with one button

✅ Built in Rubbish bag storage

✅ Leak Proof

While traveling, you might not know when you’ll have access to safe water for you and your pooch again, so it’s best to be prepared in advance. The best dog water bottles are lightweight and portable but have a large enough capacity for your dog to stay hydrated. Keep your fur baby fed & hydrated  with 5 in 1 pet water bottle, no matter where you go! Made from antibacterial, BPA free, lead free, FDA approved materials, this portable pet water bottle is a must have for any pet owner. Leak proof and compact, don’t leave home without it!

✅ Durable, non-toxic and safe

✅ Attached shovel to remove pet poops and store in Rubbish bag

✅ Useful assistant to help you feed your pet while in travel

Do you have to give your dog water?

You don’t need to let them drink from puddles, though, and these water bottles give them the luxury hydration they are accustomed to. For anyone who loves going for a walk as much as their dog does, you need a dog water bottle as much as you need dog balls or treats to enhance your enjoyment and keep everybody feeling fresh and energized.


✅ O-shaped drinking trough

✅ Lanyard for easy transport

✅ Poop shovel and garbage bag storage

✅ Drainage button to lock water flow with one click

✅ One-handed operation

✅ Dog food container

High-quality antibacterial food-grade ABS material pet water bottle, FDA approved, lead-free, BPA-free.
One-key lock water and sealing rubber ring to avoid water leaking in your bag.
One-hand operation of the puppy drinking bottle, easy to use.
Our dog water dispenser is designed with a silica gel seal ring which can prevent water leakage efficiently.
Portable and convenient, can put this dog portable water bottle into your backpack, shoulder pack or hanging on your hand with sling rope.
The top can be removed for easy cleaning.
Built in disposal rubbish bags.


  • Weight: 350G
  • Product size: 3.86 x 3.5 x 12.6 inches
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