Paper multifunctional storage box mobile phone holder

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Paper multifunctional storage box mobile phone holder

Worried that your storage box is too small to hold all your belongings? Tired of mess table taking up your time to find things and not allowing you to act conveniently? Say hello to the solution — Paper multifunctional storage box mobile phone holder

Literary multifunctional desktop tissue box

Simple and integrated, with beautiful and fresh designs in every detail, clean and refreshing. The combination of natural and simple wood grain style and modern environmentally friendly materials, the overall color combination is elegant and warm, suitable for various home scenarios, and showcases the artistic atmosphere as much as possible in an artistic way.

Say bye to traditional messy storage

Hidden cover opening handle, both the handle and phone holder

Simply press the concave point to open the lid of the stand. The hidden phone stand securely holds your phone, allowing you to listen to music and watch TV shows during leisure time, enjoying afternoon tea and watching TV shows in peace

Double layered grid design

Deep and shallow placement, reasonable zoning, easy to find the location of items. Restore the cleanliness of the desktop, store remote controls, phones, tissues, etc., and make reasonable use of space

Small stature, large space

Both paper suction and paper roll can be inserted, with a wide mouth design, making paper output efficient and convenient, and easy to extract tissues without damaging them.

Thickened and resistant to falling, sturdy and durable

Unique design

Combine the functions of the phone holder, It is very suitable to be placed on the coffee table, bedside table, countertop, wash basin, desk at home; used in the kitchen, living room, family room, office, craft room, bedroom, etc.

Design upgrade

The bottom concave design, raise the paper towel; widened mouth design, easy to extract; integrated 4 feet design, non-slip and wear-resistant.

High Quality Material

made of high quality PP material,no strange odor,super craft make the surface smooth,esaily wipe clean with cloth to keep in good shape.


Material: ABS plastic + PP

Item Size: Approx. 21 * 16 * 12cm (L* W * H)

Package List: 1 * Paper Towel Holder

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