Nurbini™ TruDetox: Revitalize with Foot Pads


Nurbini™ TruDetox: Revitalize with Foot Pads

Sarah McAlistar started her journey with TruDetox on March 4, 2023. Congratulations on her phenomenal success!

“Since giving birth to my first child in January of last year, I’ve struggled to get back in shape, and my husband has been nagging me about it non-stop. A friend from a moms’ group introduced me to this TruDetox product that I’ve been using since March of this year, and I can assure you, it works! My body weight has gone from 186 pounds to 143 pounds since I started using it. I use these pads every evening before going to bed. Even my husband has noticed the significant improvement. Normally, it takes me much longer than a month to see any results, but achieving this in such a short time without dieting or changing my habits, I definitely believe in these pads now! I’m so relieved that I can finally wear my dresses and crop tops again..”


 Sarah McAlistar ,32

“I was on my way to getting back into my best shape when I hit a plateau. I was going to the gym five times a week, eating healthy and nutritious food, and nothing seemed to be working. I was so stuck and frustrated when I stumbled upon these foot pads and thought, ‘Why not give them a try?’ And you know what? They actually made a difference. Besides using them every night, I didn’t change anything in my daily routine and I even went to the gym much less. My fatigue and exhaustion have disappeared, and I clearly see a visible improvement in my body. After just a few months, I can finally fit into jeans that I never thought I could wear!”

 Miranda Johnson, 31

Detoxify and cleanse your entire body naturally!

The Nurbini™ TruDetox Lymph Drainage Foot Pads deliver fast and effective results to your body while you sleep, providing relief from fatigue and discomfort, as well as eliminating toxins and waste to reduce inflammation. This improves your overall health, allowing you to sleep better, feel more energized, and naturally burn more fat!

What is detoxification?

Detoxification has been one of the most popular mechanisms in cultures worldwide and within the medical system for centuries. The process is definitely aimed at eliminating all toxins, impurities, and waste substances that have accumulated in our bodies. Detoxification has countless significant benefits but is particularly crucial for the liver, the storage site for these toxins.

Toxins can enter the body through daily intake of food and beverages, as well as environmental exposure. When the liver’s ability and capacity to detoxify become compromised due to overload, these toxins can accumulate in our body’s fat tissues. As a result, it can lead to a slowdown in metabolism, various health issues, and weight gain as fat tissue builds up in your body.

Package Includes:

  • Nurbini™ TruDetox Lymph Drainage Foot Pads: 20 pieces per pack (for 10 uses)

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