Nurbini™ ProX Adjustable Snap-On Dentures

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Nurbini™ ProX Adjustable Snap-On Dentures

We have the latest sixth generation adjustable Snap-On prostheses, which are completely different from previous cheap prostheses. We have developed and designed suitable prostheses for different age groups and genders, which fit perfectly without discomfort.

More than 200,000 customers have used our products.

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Due to rising material prices, we are forced to increase our prices next week. If you need it, please buy it as soon as possible.

🦷It can easily solve dental problems such as missing teeth, caries, bad teeth and few teeth.💯💯

🤩🤩After you have received our prosthetics, you can eat normally again!

We’re almost done! 😮 This is your chance. Getting the perfect smile just got easier. Regain your confidence.

Are you often ashamed of your smile or your less-than-perfect teeth?

You don’t have to go to the dentist to solve the problem! Instead, you can use Snap-On dentures and get the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of without spending a fortune!

Cover the damaged teeth and get the perfect smile. Our customers can eat and work normally all day long! Easy to use – fully attached to the teeth, so no glue is required. Just put your teeth on and you will immediately have the perfect smile!


  1. Place the teeth in a cup of warm (almost boiling) water for 1 minute. This makes them flexible and ready to adapt.
  2. Using a mirror, place the teeth firmly over your existing teeth. Press them firmly against your teeth and gently press the impression material behind your real teeth with your thumbs.
  3. After 30 seconds, gently remove the teeth from your mouth and place them in a glass of cold water to cool. The print material turns white when it hardens.
  4. The impression is now molded to the shape of your teeth and can be used as desired.
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