Nurbini™ Eco-Friendly Bathroom Toilet Replacement Cleaning Brush


Nurbini™ Eco-Friendly Bathroom Toilet Replacement Cleaning Brush

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😞Are you still using the traditional toilet brush?😞

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【Integrated Cleaning Solution】: The toilet refill heads are preloaded with toilet cleaner which will be released after soaking the brush head in water, helping you thoroughly clean the upper toilet area, around the bowl, and far into the U-bend of the toilet.

【Easy to replace】: Pressing the button on the toilet handle can discard the disposable sponge head after cleaning the toilet, convenient and hygienic in use. No more worry about breeding bacteria and stink!

【Deep Cleaning in Hard-to-Reach Areas】: The unique design of the Nurbini™ brush head allows it to reach deep into tight corners and effectively clean stubborn stains, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

【Hands-Free Operation for Clean and Hygienic Use】: Unlike traditional toilet brushes, Nurbini™ enables you to clean without getting your hands dirty, maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

【Contoured Brush Head for Surface Adaptability】: The specially designed brush head of Nurbini™ conforms to the curves of various surfaces, making it easier to clean and ensuring no spot is left untouched.

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