Nurbini™ Adjustable Snap Prosthesis


Nurbini™ Adjustable Snap Prosthesis

Clinically proves that wearing this braces can effectively reduce the breeding of bacteria

👨‍🔬 Retry, 35 years old, scientist

“The new prosthesis signify more than just a physical change; they represent an internal shift. They have alleviated my feelings of inferiority and constraint, enabling me to communicate naturally with others. Additionally, they have enhanced my oral health, sparing me from frequent dental issues. I am deeply content with the transformation this product has brought, and I intend to use it long-term!”

👩‍💼 Emma, 42 years old, businesser

“In the past, the loss of my teeth had brought a lot of trouble to my social network, and I hesitated in front of my smile. To make matters worse, chewing food has become a challenge, which has affected my nutritional intake. In addition, the long-term existing permanent teeth loose problem also brought me oral pain. However, since the use of new dentures, I have felt the turbulent changes. I gained confidence and no longer hesitated because of a smile. Now, I can chew food normally and enjoy the taste of food, which feels great!”

Our denture products have obtained FDA certification, and at the same time are recommended by multiple dentists.

✨ Product instructions 🦷

1.Clean the oral cavity to ensure that the oral cavity is clean.

2.Put the dental product into the appropriate position to ensure the fit and comfort.

3.Regularly clean the denture products to maintain oral hygiene.

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