NOWORDUP™ Ultra Infrared Penetrative Glasses


NOWORDUP™ Ultra Infrared Penetrative Glasses

NOWORDUP™ Infrared Penetrative Glasses Glasses – See Through Walls, Craft with Confidence

“Before getting NOWORDUP™ Infrared Penetrative Glasses, electrical work was a guessing game. I’d drill into walls blindly, hoping not to hit any wires. It was stressful and time-consuming, with the constant fear of causing damage. NOWORDUP™ changed everything. No more blindly drilling into walls and hoping for the best. With these glasses, I can effortlessly pinpoint the location of electronic wires, ensuring a safer and more efficient installation process. It’s like having X-ray vision for home improvement – a game-changer!” – Simon H.

See Beyond, Build Beyond

In a world where home improvement and maintenance can often be fraught with challenges. Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts alike frequently grapple with the hidden complexities behind walls – uncertain of where electronic wires or water pipes are situated. Ever pictured a tool that makes the invisible visible, simplifying tasks and adding a new layer of understanding to the inner workings of our living spaces and more?

Well, guess what? Meet NOWORDUP™ Infrared Penetrative Glasses, visionary eyewear promising a seamless and efficient solution to these enduring challenges. With NOWORDUP™, we usher in a new era of clarity in home projects, where the once-obscure becomes transparent. Moreover, you can discreetly observe and explore with these glasses, reveling in the various advantages they offer and letting your imagination run wild.
Inspired by the principles of X-rays, Engineer Marcus Turner had a groundbreaking idea to create a pair of glasses that could revolutionize how people see through walls. He named them “NOWORDUP™.” By incorporating the X-ray principles into the lenses, iRosesilk™ could penetrate walls and reveal the hidden infrastructure within.
The invention quickly gained popularity, making Engineer Marcus Turner a household name. NOWORDUP™ became an indispensable tool for homeowners, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts alike. No more guesswork or unexpected surprises during renovations – just a clear view through the walls. Engineer Marcus Turner’s invention not only simplified tasks but also added an element of excitement to home projects, turning mundane chores into fascinating explorations.

How it works?

NOWORDUP™ glasses reveals internal wall structures, with pipes, electronic wires and body shapes shown in different colors. This is made possible by detecting temperature variations, as pipes and cables have distinct temperatures compared to the wall.

The glasses highlight different substances, such as wood, metal, or water pipes, due to varying absorption and reflection. Finely tuned lenses detect these changes, and a sophisticated detection system within the glasses converts transmitted wave patterns into a visual representation.


NOWORDUP™ Infrared Penetrative Glasses x 1/2/4/8

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