NOWORDUP™ PRO glass nano-reinforcement coating


NOWORDUP™ PRO glass nano-reinforcement coating

Discover the future of glass protection with NOWORDUP™ Glass Nano Strengthening Coating! Reinforce your surfaces with the power of nanotechnology and provide crystal-clear protection against scratches and scuffs. Easy to use, long-lasting shine – experience the difference today!

NOWORDUP™ has changed the safety of my car.  Since I live in Chicago, I was intrigued by the anti-theft feature that ensures security.

James Thompson, Chicago, IL.

As a designer in New York City, I trust NOWORDUP™ to protect my high-quality glass installations on my car.  The scratch resistance and UV protection ensure my creations remain pristine.

Sarah Mitchell, New York, NY.

Introducing NOWORDUP™ Glass Nano Strengthening Coating, the innovative solution to improve the durability and resilience of your glass surfaces

The NOWORDUP™ Glass Nano Strengthening Coating is based on the principle of nanotechnology. The formulation consists of microscopic particles that bond to the glass surface at a molecular level. These particles form an ultra-thin protective layer that acts as a barrier and increases the glass’s resistance to scratches, impacts and other environmental influences. The nanocoating also fills in microscopic imperfections on the glass, resulting in a smoother surface that promotes clarity and transparency.

Why choose this product:

Choose NOWORDUP™ for a revolutionary approach to glass protection.  With a unique combination of advanced features such as nano-reinforcement, scratch resistance, anti-theft and UV protection, this product excels at providing comprehensive care for your glass surfaces.  Its versatility and ease of application make NOWORDUP™ an ideal choice for residential and commercial spaces, providing long-lasting durability and aesthetic enhancement.
How to use:

  1. Clean surface:  Make sure the glass surface is clean and dry before use.
  2. Apply coating:  Apply NOWORDUP™ evenly to the glass surface using a soft cloth, ensuring complete coverage.
  3. Polish to Shine:  Allow the coating to dry for the recommended time and then polish the glass with a clean, dry cloth to create a crystal clear, reinforced finish.  Enjoy the benefits of NOWORDUP™!

Product details:

  • NOWORDUP™ Glass Nano Reinforcement Coating
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