MysticAura™ “LuckyAura Emerald Crystal S925 silver Ring”


MysticAura™ “LuckyAura Emerald Crystal S925 silver Ring”

Manifest Wealth Attraction & Live The Best Life

This Ring helps tune your energy vibration and help manifest the prosperity and abundance of your dreams!

This “LuckyAura Emerald Crystal Ring” is a power object that channels the alpha energy and attract the good fortune instantly. It transforms life and brings you increased wisdom and happiness. Among its many benefits, this powerful ring will help you to attract love into your life, improve your relationships with family and friends, increase your wealth luck and enhance your career luck.

Emerald is believed to attract luck, money, wealth and prosperity. Wear our ring and attract the lucky fortune you deserve to make life better!  The Prosper Life Ring neutralizes negative energy and tunes you in to your best mood and energy! 

 The Efficacy of  LuckyAura Emerald Crystal Ring

Emeralds are believed to have a positive impact on the human body, bringing balance, vitality, and positive energy, enhancing a sense of personal luck. Emerald can alleviate stress and tension, boost confidence and courage, promote mental and physical well-being, and attract good luck and opportunities. Additionally, it is considered a protective stone, capable of warding off negative energies and adverse influences, creating a more positive and prosperous life for individuals.

Wealth and Prosperity

The distinctive green color of emerald is regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It radiates vitality and life force, attracting and increasing the flow of abundance.

Career Success

Emerald is believed to have a positive impact on career advancement. It brings balance, positivity, and vitality, boosting confidence and courage, showcasing talents and abilities. Green crystal also eases work pressure, promotes mental and physical well-being, fostering a positive attitude and mindset in the workplace. By attracting good luck and opportunities, it helps create more chances for professional growth and success.


Material: Emerald、Sterling silver、Clear quartz

Size: Adjustment Range 7# – 13#

Weight: 10g



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