Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner


Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner

The powerful foam cleaner can magically make your car interiors or home appliance look like new!


Tips: No harm to the car interior!!

This car interior foam refinisher cleaner is a powerful cleaner that can be used to remove dirt, dust, and stains from car interiors. It is designed to be used on foam and fabric surfaces and is safe for use on vinyl and plastic surfaces. This cleaner helps to restore the original look and feel of car interiors, leaving them looking as good as new.

Quick & Efficient

A foaming cleaner that powerfully breaks down and removes stubborn stains, and sticky or greasy residues from grease stains, with a rich, fast lather that cleans easily in just minutes!


Capacity: 60ml

Package Includes: 1 * Car interior foam refinisher cleaner

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