Multi-Purpose Double-Layer Retractable Drain Basket


Multi-Purpose Double-Layer Retractable Drain Basket


CONVENIENT AND PRACTICAL: The retractable and adjustable design fits various sink sizes, making it easy to drain fruit, frozen food, vegetables, and dishes over your kitchen sink.

RETRACTABLE FUNCTION: Adjustable size to fit your needs. Expand for larger items or collapse for easy storage, providing flexibility in your kitchen.

EFFICIENT DRAINAGE SYSTEM: Designed with small, evenly spaced holes for quick water drainage, keeping your kitchen items clean and dry.

DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Made from high-quality, food-grade materials that resist stains, odors, and rust. Smooth surface ensures easy cleaning.

MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Ideal for draining fruits and vegetables, drying dishes and utensils, or storing kitchen essentials. Versatile and essential for any kitchen.


Material: thickened plastic

Size: 48*18.5*8cm

Available colors: Green-White, Orange-White

Package Included:1*Multi-Purpose Double-Layer Retractable Drain Basket

Or 3* Multi-Purpose Double-Layer Retractable Drain Basket

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