Multi-purpose Car Cleaning Slime Gel

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Multi-purpose Car Cleaning Slime Gel

Collect all built-up gunk on your vehicles in a breeze using only this multifunctional car cleaning gel!
This car-cleaning putty is designed in a gel-like slime that effectively picks up the dirt that it touches without ruining the surface. Eliminating all the pesky particles that clings onto your vehicle interior, including dust, debris, road grimes, pet fur, hair, food crumbs, and such. The gel can be molded into any shape which enables it to reach and maneuver into all sorts of dirt-prone spots and tiniest crevices. Ideal for deeply cleaning car dashboard, cup holder, air vents, center consoles, door handles, stirring wheels, transmission lever and so on. Simply press it to every nook and crannies of your car and pull it for the grimes to stick and done.  

The cleaning gel can be reused anytime for taking out dust on your car until it turns dark. Moreover, it does not leave any sticky residues or harm behind the surface unlike with other cleaning putty. You can even use this magic gel for cleaning keyboards, calculator, remotes, controller, tables, printers, window gaps, sliding door crevices, and more. No worries as it does not emit any toxic odors and it can be confidently used with bare hands without causing irritations or discomfort. The multifunctional gel does not also stick into the skin or creep and get stuck up into the nails. 

Have hassle-free dust and dirt cleaning with this multifunctional magic gel!  


  • Intensive Car Cleaning Gel
    A gel-like blob cleaner which successfully holds onto any dirt it touches on without ruining the surface. It cleans and picks up all crumbs, dust, debris, pet fur, hair, road grimes and other stubborn particles that clings to your vehicle. Moreover, this gel is exceptionally elastic which allows it to be freely molded into any shape and fill every nook and cranny. Allowing it to clean even the hardest, tiniest areas that can’t be reached by other products. Keeping your car interior thoroughly spotless which would surely make every passenger amazed and comfortable. Ideal for your car dashboard, cup holder, air vents, center consoles, door handles, stirring wheels, transmission lever and so on.

  • Easy to Use
    Make your ride dirt-free with ease in no time using only this cleaning gel. Simply knead it gently into a ball then press it into any dirt surfaces and hard-to-reach dusty crevices then pull it back out for the grimes to stick and you’re done. No more exhausting and time-consuming scrubbing or wiping that might only leave scratches to your car interior. What’s more? This car gel does not also require rinsing after as it completely cleans surfaces without leaving any sticky residues behind.

  • Highly Reusable
    Provides an excellent reusability which enables it to be used for months or even years without loosening its gripping power. It can be reused and reused until the gel turns black so you won’t have to consistently purchase a new one in each cleaning session. Just store it after use until it can no longer latch onto dirts and dust.

  • Widely-Used Cleaner
    Works perfectly against most types of surfaces and be used not only for your car, but also for home or office cleaning. Suitable for all types of vehicles, keyboards, calculator, remotes, controller, tables, printers, window gaps, sliding door crevices, and more possibilities. No worries as it does not cause any harm like scratching, stripping, discoloration and such.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic materials that acts as an outstanding dirt magnet that holds onto any grimes once it touches. It does not emit any harmful odors to ensure the user’s safety and health at all times. Additionally, this cleaning putty does not also stick to your fingers or creep deep into nails so you can confidently use it with bare hands.


  • Net weight: 160g
  • Color: Blue / Pink / Yellow / Green


  • 1 x Multi-purpose Car Cleaning Slime Gel

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