MiniDefend 50.000.000 USB Stun Gun

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MiniDefend 50.000.000 USB Stun Gun


 Empower Yourself:

The Compact and Stylish USB Stun Gun for Everyday Safety

Self-defense tools provide ways to defend yourself at any moment. When you have this resource connected with a keychain, you’ve got a tool you can easily reach when an emergency or an attacker comes your way. Today’s best self-defense stun guns are small enough to carry in a pocket without being uncomfortable. They’re easy to grip and come with different defensive options to consider. You can have the peace of mind you deserve in any situation.

💥Ensure security in uncertain times! 💥

Let safety and style be the perfect pair with these MiniDefend 50.000.000 USB Stun Gun! This stun gun fits perfectly on any keychain and packs the punch to render any attacker immobile giving you the chance to get away to safety. These are designed to be compact, making them readily accessible and discreet. Whether you’re walking the dog in the morning or taking an afternoon jog, this affordable investment ensures that you have a tool that can help you get home safely. It is a great add on to any self defense keychain to give you that extra security while still looking like a fun accessory.

Key Features:


  • Open Voltage Output: 50,000,000+ Volts
  • Color: Black/Pink/Blue
  • Product weight: 1.8 ounces

Package Included:

  • MiniDefend 50.000.000 USB Stun Gun (with Charging Cable)


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