Migraine Gel Eye Mask


Migraine Gel Eye Mask

No more endless and painful migraines

🥰We all know how difficult a migraine can be to pass.Migraine Mask, helps relieve pain, tension, sinus pressure, eye relief and stress relief in just minutes.

  • 2 types of 360° therapies
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Quick recovery
  • Easily transportable
  • Reusable and natural
  • Fits all faces


Finally an effective solution

🥰Say goodbye to drugs that don’t work, unbearable pain and the need to be locked in the night without noise for hours.

From now on, wherever you are and at any time, this natural solution will immerse you in a new relaxing world and will make you forget all the pain.

Practical in several aspects

🥰Whether you are dealing with any discomfort, headache, fever, migraine, headache or even the eyes, the mask offers 360° therapy covering the entire head.

An easy to use solution

🥰To perform cold therapy: Place the mask in the freezer a minimum of 1-2 hours before use.

To perform heat therapy: Put the mask in the microwave and make sure it does not exceed 55C°.

Child or adult, just stick your head inside and relax wherever you are!


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