Middle Finger Gesture Light with Remote


Middle Finger Gesture Light with Remote


Middle Finger Gesture Light with Remote


  • Designed for savvy who appreciate innovative gadgets
  • Crafted with quality materials, this compact and portable light ensures excellent visibility day and night, making your gestures on the road clearly visible to other.
  • With easy installation, the gesture control LED light is a must have for those seeking a functional and playful addition to their vehicle. Get yours today and experience the convenience of controlling your lights with simple gestures.
  • Control your car’s lighting with the gesture control LED light, a fun and interactive accessory that allows you to switch and adjust the lights.
  • Transform any setting with the gesture control LED light. Whether it is a family trip or an office gathering, this versatile light adds and convenience to any occasion.
  • Usage: After taking out the product, use the built-in double-sided tape to fix it on the rear glass, and use the remote control to realize three light types!
  • This product is for modified auxiliary lighting and cannot replace the function of the original car lights. Please confirm the product installation space before purchasing.


  • Material: Plastic + Acrylic
  • Color temperature: 1200K
  • Light type: Three modes variable
  • Remote control battery: one 12V23A battery, the user needs to purchase it by himself.

Package includes

  • 1 x Middle Finger Gesture Light
  • 1 x Remote Control
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