LungXpander® – Lung Capacity Resistance Trainer


LungXpander® – Lung Capacity Resistance Trainer


Unlock A Stronger, Faster You With LUNGXPANDER®

Our Guarantee: Come back for a full refund if seeing no improvements after 2 weeks of using LungXpander® daily.

✔ Boost respiratory muscles and abs with our compact lung exerciser.

✔ Unlike traditional medicine, anyone can use it without side effects.

✔ Portable for on-the-go use.

✔ Strengthens muscles, reduces breathlessness, and increases lung capacity.

✔ Trusted by athletes all over the world.

✔ Adjustable resistance for personalized intensity.

We are backed by scientific studies.

Harvard’s Health Publishing about the benefits of using breath training device:

National Library of Medicine about benefits of regularly training your lungs:

National Library of Medicine on breath training devices on people with asthma:

Bas Rutten on Joe Rogan talking about a similar breathing exercise device:

FAQs – LungXpander® Lung Exerciser Device

Q1: What does the LungXpander® Lung Exerciser Device do?

Our LungXpander® device is designed to strengthen respiratory muscles and abs, reducing shortness of breath and enhancing lung capacity through targeted strength training.

Q2: Is the device suitable for everyone?

Yes, almost anyone can use LungXpander® without experiencing side effects.

Q3: How portable is LungXpander®?

LungXpander® is small, compact, and easily carried with you wherever you go.

Q4: How does adjustable resistance benefit users?

The LungXpander® device’s adjustable resistance makes even simple tasks more challenging, allowing users to customize their exercise intensity based on personal needs.

Q5: What are the specifications of LungXpander®?

  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Black, White
  • Size: Approx. 5cm/1.97” x 10cm/3.94”

Q6: What is included in the LungXpander® package?

The package includes 1x LungXpander® Breathing Exerciser.

Q7: Are there any considerations for using LungXpander®?

Please allow for 1mm errors due to manual measurement. Additionally, note that the actual color of the LungXpander® device may vary from what is seen on different monitors.

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