Luminous Tree Spirits

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Luminous Tree Spirits

Turn your garden into a fairy place right away!

What a nice decoration you’ll need at home!


  • Glowing in Dark: These outdoor garden statues are used for decoration in the following places: decks, poolsides, terraces, balconies, yards, lawns, or gardens. They will absorb enough sunlight during the day. When the sun sets and it gets dark, these souls will light up your places with luminous materials.
  • Home and Garden Decoration: Enjoy the excitement of your family and friends when they visit and see your garden statues, and yard ornament.

  • Great Garden Statue Gift: This statue of a tree spirit luminous garden symbolizes good luck, mystery, and richness in some cultures. It’s quite right to give this gift to your family and friends who likes cute little tree spirit friends.
  • Material: Made of resin, these garden statues of tree Elves will greatly decorate your miniature garden.


  • Material: Luminous resin
  • Pack of 10 tree spirits size:


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