Lovild™ Varicose Veins Spray


Lovild™ Varicose Veins Spray

The Lovild™ Varicose Veins Spray uses 100% organic ingredients to provide relief for mild, moderate, and severe varicose veins – no surgery required.

– User’s Review –

“The first time I used the Lovild™ Varicose Veins Spray, I felt immediate relief to my feet and ankles with swollen varicose veins. And after a couple of weeks, the swelling, “heaviness”, and the dull ache have completely subsided. This works! You don’t have to worry about side effects or as it contains herbal formulation. I’m definitely repurchasing because I’m happy with the results so far.”

– Holly Roberts, USA

“I honestly can’t believe how quick and effective the Lovild™ Varicose Veins Spray has been for relieving the swelling and pain associated with varicose in my legs. Somehow this product has done more for me than other ointments and creams in less than two weeks. I’m feeling hopeful about my legs improving for the first time in over a year. Thank you for such a wonderful product!”

– Jameson Doyle, UK

“I’ve had restless legs for the last couple of years. Lately I’ve noticed spider veins around my ankles and at the back of my legs. After using the Lovild™ Varicose Veins Spray for less than 1 month, my spider veins are almost gone and I’ve slept so good since I’ve started using this.”

Product Specifications:

  • Net Content: 30ml
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Key Ingredients: Horse Chestnut extract, Gardenia, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Vitis Vinifera Leaf
  • Functions:Reduces the appearance of varicose veins, relieves leg discomfort and heaviness, improves vein circulation
  • Suitable for:Varicose veins, swollen legs, leg fatigue, and discomfort caused by poor blood circulation

Package includes:

  • 1 x Lovild™ Varicose Veins Spray
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