LIMETOW™ Two-tone eyeshadow


LIMETOW™ Two-tone eyeshadow

Take your eye makeup to the next level with LIMETOW™ Two-Tone Eyeshadow! Our two-tone gradient eyeshadow offers a perfect blend of quality and long-lasting wear, making your eyes the center of attention.

Product features:

  • Sculpt the Perfect Outline – Achieve precise, defined eye makeup looks with the LIMETOW™ Two-Tone Eyeshadow! Whether you’re going for a seductive smokey eye or a subtle everyday look, this eyeshadow’s blendable formula makes it easy to create the perfect contour.
    Natural Stereoscopic Eye Makeup – Add mesmerizing depth and dimension with the natural stereoscopic effect of our Two Tone Eyeshadow. The two-tone palette effortlessly emphasizes your eye contours and makes your gaze appear more captivating and seductive.

  • Fine Makeup – This makeup must-have is a finely milled eyeshadow that applies like a dream. The velvety texture ensures smooth application and seamless blending, allowing you to create exquisite eye makeup looks with precision.
    Simply apply evenly and gently – no more uneven application and visible lines! The LIMETOW™ Two-Tone Eyeshadow is designed for easy application, allowing you to apply it evenly and smoothly. With every use, you’ll get a polished and professional finish every time.

  • Non-Fly Powder – If you’re tired of flaking and messy eyeshadows, our two-tone eyeshadow is the perfect solution for you. Our product features a non-flying powder formula that stays in place, so you can enjoy flawless eye makeup without worrying about precipitation.
    Long-lasting – Keep your eye makeup looking fresh all day and night. This compact two-tone eyeshadow features a long-wearing formula so your stunning eye look stays intact no matter where your day takes you.

  • WATERPROOF – Rain or shine, our two-tone eyeshadow is your first choice for waterproof eye makeup. Thanks to the waterproof formula, your makeup won’t slip, ensuring you stay effortlessly glamorous even in sweat or rain.

How to apply:

Apply LIMETOW™ Two-Tone Eyeshadow with the brush.
You can apply one color or layer the two colors on top of each other.
Use alone or layered with other eyeshadow colors.
Package includes:
1 x LIMETOW™ Two-tone eyeshadow
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