Lavender Conditioner Bar

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Lavender Conditioner Bar

Special Functions

PURC lavender conditioner bar has a smooth texture which feels very gentle on the scalp and hair. Since it is an herb it does not irritate the skin at all. It cleans hair and scalp thoroughly and restores the essential nutrients in the hair. PURC lavender conditioner bar has antibacterial effect, anti-dandruff, stress-free effects, and a gentle mesmerizing lavender fragrance every time.

Some of the key benefits of PURC lavender conditioner is as follows:

  • It nourishes hair from roots to ends.
  • The conditioner bar helps in reducing hair loss visibly and prevents dandruff
  • It calms the hair follicles and cleanses hair, replenishing the lost smoothness due to shampooing.
  • It boosts hair growth, smoothens the hair texture, and leaves a beautiful scent after a shower.
  • It hydrates, heals, and moisturizes every hair strand for break free-hair growth.
Lavender Conditioner Bar PURC Organic Lavender Conditioner 100 PURE and Vegan handmade cold processed shampoo soap 4 d332875f
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