Latex False Buttocks Square Angle Underwear


Latex False Buttocks Square Angle Underwear

Show your confidence and charm! Latex False Butt Square Corner Panties, shape the perfect buttocks and become the most beautiful version of yourself!

Specially built for women who want to improve the curve of their buttocks.
Latex fake hip boxers provide extra padding and styling to make the buttocks look fuller.

Shaping and Lifting: Latex buttock square horn panties are made of latex, which has good elasticity and plasticity to lift the buttocks and make them look fuller, tighter and curvaceous.

COMFORT: Be well-designed and made of comfortable material to ensure a comfortable fit and provide moderate support and hold without causing discomfort.


Those who pursue perfect curves: regardless of body type, those who pursue perfect curves can choose Latex Fake Buttock Square Corner Panties to enhance the beauty of their buttocks and make their overall body more dynamic. 


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