LashLuxe™ Heated Eyelash Curler


LashLuxe™ Heated Eyelash Curler

Give Your Lashes a Dramatic Lift and Curl!

Take your lash game to the next level with LashLuxe™ Heated Eyelash Curler! It magically  curls your eyelashes and makes it naturally luscious and sexy in seconds by lifting them using gentle heat

Elevate Your Beauty Game with LashLuxe™

The heated eyelash curler is easy to use and ensures a long-lasting lifting effect. It safely and effectively distributes heat in seconds and reaches even the tiniest lashes.  In only ten seconds, curl your lashes like a pro.

Recommended by makeup artist

Wendi Miyake | The Wall GroupWendi Miyake
She /Her/Queen/Goddess Celebrity Makeup artist based in LA.

“Every eye shape can benefit from an eyelash curler,” notes celebrity makeup artist Wendi Miyake. “Lifting the lashes will give you the appearance of longer lashes but also help you look more awake and expressive.

The LashLuxe™ Heated Eyelash Curler has always been a go-to,” says Mayo. “The width and curve of the design can flatter any eye shape and has great resistance when clamping.”


  • Efficient lash curling tool – Designed to easily and effectively lift and curl your eyelashes and make it naturally gorgeous by using gentle heat. 
  • Fast Heating – Heat up in just 10 seconds
  • Safe and portable – Features an anti-damage system to avoid harm while using and compact size makes it convenient to carry. 
  • 2 Temp Mode – Different temperature mode for different styling.


  • Color: White / Pink
  • Size: 41*65*130mm
  • Temp: 65℃-85℃
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