Large LED Jellyfish Lamp

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Large LED Jellyfish Lamp

A Dazzling Sensory Light That Mesmerizes All Ages

SensoryMoon is excited to launch our new, premium Jellyfish Lamp. Now with a 75% larger diameter than our previous jellyfish lamp, our LED Jellyfish Tower Aquarium uses a cleverly engineered circulation motor to create subtle motion in the water, causing the three included synthetic jellyfish to ‘spring to life’ and swim in a beautiful and captivating way. Not only that, but the synthetic jellyfish are also painted with specialty colors that produce a phosphorescent glow in response to the color-changing LEDs – making this a spectacular sensory bedside night light for kids of all ages.


REALISTIC GLOWING JELLYFISH THAT CAN TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY. Our specialty fake jellyfish are synthesized from a special form of plastic, that interact with the motor-generated micro-currents inside the water to produce an amazing swimming motion. But not only that, each jellyfish is also colored with phosphorescent blue, yellow, or red paint, that glows in response to the LED lights. Both you and your child won’t ever want to stop watching!

20 COLOR REMOTE AND BASE BUTTON FOR EASY COLOR CUSTOMIZATION. It wouldn’t be a SensoryMoon lamp without interactive controls! Now, your child can choose from up to 20 different color options, including 4 color changing modes ranging from slow fades to sharp transitions. Better yet, each Jellyfish Tower also comes with a built-in button in the base, enabling quick color or brightness adjustment from the side of the bed! Couple that with power adapter operation, and you have an amazing nightlight gift for the loved ones in your family.

OCEAN WAVE PROJECTOR FOR A TRULY CAPTIVATING AQUARIUM ENVIRONMENT. Our 2019 Jellyfish Tower is one of the only kid’s lamps to include both a table-side nightlight jellyfish display and a built-in mini “ocean wave projector” for dazzling effects on the ceiling of any room! Simply remove the small plastic lid from the top and watch your child’s eyes light up, as the LED colors, water motion, and jellyfish work together to produce a beautiful underwater scene at night. What more can you ask for in a sensory lamp? Order one today!

Enlivens and Colorizes for a Visceral Aquarium Display

From the mesmerizing color-changing LED backdrop producing a hypnotic display, to the reactive phosphorescent glow of the rising and falling jellyfish, to the rippling ocean wave projection patterned on the ceiling of your child’s room, our SensoryMoon Large Jellyfish is a real treat for the visual senses – making it an amazing gift choice for sensory loving or seeking children in your family.

Imagine your loved one’s eyes lighting up when they first see the glowing jellyfish spring to vibrant life, slowly dancing with the alternating color LEDs and painting beautiful aurora projection effects on their bedroom walls. The SensoryMoon Large Jellyfish Lamp facilitates engagement and relaxation with the touch of a button!

Fascinates and Mesmerizes for an Awesome Sensory Gift

With a nearly 75% larger diameter water tube than our previous model, our SensoryMoon Large Jellyfish Lamp is one of the most captivating children’s nightlights you can buy. That’s because they give more swimming room for the large-sized fake jellyfish than ever before, and also offer up to 20 different color modes to select from, including 16 static colors from the remote! Compare our lamps to others in the market, and it should be clear why the SensoryMoon brand stands a head above the rest!

Imagine a gift that provides your child, grandchild, or beloved a sense of joy every time they turn it on. We wanted to develop an animated aquarium table lamp for sensory needs children of all ages, and we are confident our 2019 design has lived up to those expectations!

Product Specs

New! Check out a product demonstration! (Projection demonstrated towards end.)


  • Black Base & Clear Cap
  • Clear Acrylic Tube
  • Power Adapter Included
  • 3 pcs Large Painted Jellyfish
  • RF Remote Control:
    • 16 solid color options
    • 4 color transition options
    • brightness and on/off adjustment
    • battery included


  • Lamp Height: 36 cm / 14.1 inches
  • Tube Diameter: 14 cm / 5.5 inches
  • Material: ABS (base) & PMMA (tube)
  • Power Adaptor: 12V AC 300mA
  • LED: 18 pcs RGB
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