Korean Spiral Peptide Deer Bone Soluble Collagen Film

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Korean Spiral Peptide Deer Bone Soluble Collagen Film

Our satisfied customers say it best

“I’ve always felt self-conscious about my laugh lines and sagging skin. The deep wrinkles made me feel old and tired, and I was looking for a solution. That’s when I discovered Korean Spiral Peptide Deer Bone Soluble Collagen Mask. I was amazed at how quickly and seamlessly the mask absorbed into my skin. In just one month, my laugh lines started to disappear. They are no longer a prominent feature on my face and I couldn’t be happier. I regained I‚Äôve gained confidence and I‚Äôm finally comfortable in my own skin.‚Ä̬†– Amelia

“When I first started using Korean Spiral Peptide Deer Bone Soluble Collagen Film, my skin was dull and lifeless with noticeable sagging around my chin. The film absorbed well into my skin, leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated. Within a few weeks, I started See visible changes – “Sagging skin is visibly tightened.¬†My co-workers even noticed the change and complimented me on my glowing skin.¬†Even my husband, who never comments on my skincare routine, noticed a change in me.¬†‚Ä̬†– Sophia

This 100% soluble collagen film uses innovative technology to seamlessly dissolve into your skin and disappear without a trace. When it disappears, a powerful collagen serum penetrates deep into your pores , provides intense hydration, nourishment and anti-aging youthful plumping. It instantly boosts elasticity and radiance to instantly restore your best skin ever.

 Brutal facts you must know

By our 40s, our ability to produce collagen drops by 25%


Collagen acts as the structural backbone of the skin, keeping it soft and hydrated. Aging impairs this natural collagen production starting in your 20s, and the decline accelerates, reaching 25% by your 40s. Reduced collagen synthesis underlies signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging.

Soluble Collagen Technology

When using Korean Spiral Peptide Deer Bone Soluble Collagen Membrane, thanks to this technology, it breaks down into liquid form in just seconds, easily penetrating into the outer layer of the skin.
This liquid collagen serum then penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to provide optimal hydration and elasticity where it’s needed most.¬†Essentially, soluble collagen technology allows the powerful collagen and peptide ingredients in our products to bypass surface barriers and work directly from within.
The Science Behind Korean Spiral Peptide Deer Bone Soluble Collagen Film

Trypanosides are scientifically proven ingredients known for their powerful anti-wrinkle properties. Trypanosides, or arginine/lysine peptides, target the loss of collagen, the primary cause of skin sagging and wrinkles.

Nahlsgen is a breakthrough element in skin care that stands out for its powerful anti-aging properties. As an innovative ingredient, it enhances skin elasticity and promotes collagen production
 Suitable for all skin types
No matter your skin type, Korean Spiral Peptide Deer Bone Soluble Collagen Film is right for you. This set includes cheek and forehead masks, along with our unique Deer Bone Collagen Serum, for comprehensive skincare that moisturizes, nourishes, rejuvenates and smoothes the signs of aging.

Use product correctly

STEP 1. Clean facial skin

STEP 2. Apply the essence patch to the face and stick it to the skin

STEP 3. Use the essence nozzle and spray it on the face 15cm away from the face

STEP 4. Dissolve the essence patch into mist, then gently pat the face until absorbed

STEP 5. After the essence is absorbed, the skin becomes shiny and translucens.


Product name: Spiral Peptide Deer Bone Collagen Essence Set Cheek mask: 0.01gx 2 pieces x 3 bags = 6 pieces  Forehead mask: 0.01gx1 piecex3 bags=3 pieces Essence 30ml 1 bottle Applicable skin type: All skin types Efficacy: Replenish skin moisture, nourish and rejuvenate skin, smooth signs of aging

Package Included
Korean Spiral Peptide Deer Bone Soluble Collagen Film  Korean Spiral Peptide  Deer B Soluble Collagen Membrane

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