KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device


KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device

Here are Some of our Customers with Success Using KISSHI™ GlycoWave Electric Pulse Device

“Dealing with ups and downs in my blood sugar used to leave me tired and scattered. Ever since I started using this gadget in my daily routine, it’s not only improved the steadiness of my blood sugar levels but has also made me feel more alert and mentally sharp all day long. This device has genuinely changed how I handle my diabetes.”
– Christina Davis, 43 Years Old | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Persistent foot ulcers have been a constant challenge, turning each step into a painful experience. Yet, since incorporating this device into my routine, I’ve seen a notable enhancement in the healing of my diabetic foot ulcers. It has boosted circulation, eased discomfort, and granted me the ability to walk with greater comfort and confidence.”
– Frances Lewis, 51 Years Old | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Understanding Diabetes: Exploring Elevated Blood Sugar and Its Diverse Causes

Diabetes is a chronic health condition marked by increased blood glucose levels, resulting from insufficient insulin production, ineffective insulin utilization, or a combination of both factors. The two main types of diabetes are Type 1, where the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys insulin-producing cells, and Type 2, characterized by insulin resistance and an inadequate insulin response. The likelihood of developing diabetes tends to increase with age, especially after 45 years, and having a family history of the condition can further contribute to susceptibility.

What is Insulin Sensitivity?

Maintaining normal blood sugar levels relies heavily on insulin sensitivity. When cells develop resistance to insulin, they require higher amounts of insulin to regulate blood sugar, leading to elevated levels (hyperglycemia).

Revolutionizing Blood Sugar Management

EMS Electrotherapy Solutions

Commonly employed for managing blood sugar levels and enhancing glucose control are various medications, such as Oral Antidiabetic Drugs and Injectable Medications like insulin. Nevertheless, the KISSHI™ GlycoWave Electric Pulse Device presents a fresh perspective on sugar level balance through EMS technology. By boosting insulin sensitivity and utilizing the muscles’ ability for glucose uptake and metabolism, this device establishes a new paradigm in blood sugar management.


Product Size: 55 * 15 * 40mm

Product Weight: 51g

Wristband Length: 250mm

Power Supply: 1 * 1.5V AAA Battery (Not Included)

Operating Hours: 8 Hours

Usage Direction: Place on wrist tightly, and use it for 30 minutes daily.

Package Included

1x – KISSHI™ GlycoWave Electric Pulse Device

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