iRosesilk™ Anti-Tracking AUTO X BlurPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame


iRosesilk™ Anti-Tracking AUTO X BlurPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame

iRosesilk™ BlurPlate is BACK to STOCK!!!
Your Ultimate Privacy Solution for Car Enthusiasts!

Are you an automobile enthusiast who cherishes your privacy at auto exhibitions or on off-road escapades? Your search ends with the BlurPlate Dual Kit, a groundbreaking product in the automotive accessory universe. iRosesilk™ BlurPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame, crafted specifically for off-road journeys and auto show rounds, provide unmatched privacy at the mere press of a wireless remote button.

Key Features:

iRosesilk™ BlurPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame

🔒 Instant Privacy Control: The BlurPlate Dual Kit puts the power of personal information protection in your hands. Triggered by a wireless remote, the license plate covers become opaque, shielding your plates from unwanted attention and ensuring your privacy.

📸 Undetectable by Video & Photo Cameras: No matter if there’s a video or a bright flash, the BlurPlate remains undefeated. Our plate completely hides the license plate information regardless of circumstances. Blur your plate quickly easily. Hidden in plain sight, our  BlurPlate is completely undetectable while installed on your vehicle and not in use. With the click of a button, the  BlurPlate activates, and your license plate is completely hidden within 0.3 of a second.

iRosesilk™ BlurPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame

🚗 Tailored for Auto Exhibitions and Off-Road Excursions: BlurPlate is more than just a regular license plate cover. It’s specifically designed for those who seek privacy in distinctive scenarios. Whether you’re displaying your car at an auto show or venturing off-road, our product guarantees your details remain concealed.

👁️ Comprehensive Double Kit: The BlurPlate Dual Kit offers a complete package, supplying you with TWO fade-plates. One for the front and one for the rear – ideal for jurisdictions requiring both front and rear license plates. Rest easy, knowing you’re adhering to local laws while preserving your privacy.

🌐 Wireless Ease: Our wireless remote control allows seamless toggling between privacy mode and normal display. It’s swift, convenient, and trouble-free, ensuring you’re always in command.

iRosesilk™ BlurPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame

🏆 Superior Quality and Resilience: iRosesilk™ BlurPlate is fashioned from top-grade materials, guaranteeing not only effective plate concealment but also durability for off-road exploits.

🔧 Easy Installation : No wiring or electrical work is needed. Our frame plugs into any 12V accessory outlet and powers on with the switch of a wireless remote!

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