High Waist Plus Size Cotton Antibacterial & Leak-proof Physiological Underwear


High Waist Plus Size Cotton Antibacterial & Leak-proof Physiological Underwear

Underwear Guide Overview:

  1. Ultimate Leak Protection: Confidence and Comfort in Every Situation
  2. Product Features: Antibacterial & Hygroscopic
  3. Dangers of Non-Antibacterial Underwear
  4. Antibacterial Technology: Silver Ion Introduction
  5. Moisture Absorption and Its Importance
  6. Usage Lifespan and Replacement Recommendations
  7. Material and Odor Suppression
  8. Washing and Maintenance Tips
  9. After-sales Warranty and Service
  10. Expert Care and Maintenance Advice
  11. Frequently Asked Questions
  12. Product Detail Showcase

We are delighted to showcase the superb craftsmanship and outstanding quality of our underwear. To quickly find the details you’re interested in, simply scroll down and use the numbers provided in the table of contents to access in-depth information on the topics you care about.

1、Ultimate Leak Protection: Confidence and Comfort in Every Situation

Leaks prevention is vital for women, especially during menstruation or mild urinary incontinence. Side leaks can cause embarrassment and contamination of clothing and bed sheets, increasing washing and replacement burden.

Our underwear has a unique design and technology, effectively preventing side leaks. With added protective layers in key areas, it enhances absorption and protection. These layers quickly absorb and disperse liquids, ensuring dryness and avoiding side leaks. Comfortable, breathable materials ensure confidence and comfort in any situation.


Regain Confidence, Enjoy Life: We understand the needs of middle-aged and elderly women, as well as those with mild incontinence, and have tailored this underwear especially for you. Combining unique design and innovative technology, our underwear provides you with peace of mind and comfort in any situation. Made with high-performance fabric and multi-layer protection, it ensures rapid absorption and dispersion of liquids, keeping you dry and clean while attending social events or spending time with family. Choose our underwear and embrace confidence once again, enjoying those beautiful and carefree moments.



Women who wear non-antibacterial underwear for a long time may lead to the growth of large amounts of BACTERIA in their private areas, resulting in a series of gynecological diseases, such as BACTERIAL vaginitis, FUNGAL vaginitis, TRICHOMONAS vaginitis, etc. These gynecological diseases will bring discomfort and pain to women, affecting their daily life and work. Moreover, once these gynecological diseases are not treated in time, they may lead to more serious consequences, such as CERVICITIS, PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE, etc. Therefore, wearing ANTIBACTERIAL underwear can effectively PREVENT these problems and PROTECT women’s health.

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