Healing Antiseptic Ointment for Tree Wound


Healing Antiseptic Ointment for Tree Wound


ANTISEPTIC PROPERTIES: Formulated with antiseptic agents to prevent bacterial and fungal infections, ensuring optimal healing conditions.

EFFECTIVE HEALING: Promotes rapid healing of tree wounds, protecting against infections and promoting healthy growth.

GRAFTING PASTE: Ideal for use in grafting and sealing cuts, ensuring successful plant grafts and reducing stress on plants.

ARTIFICIAL BARK: Provides a protective layer similar to natural bark, sealing wounds to prevent moisture loss and enhance recovery.

VERSATILE USE: Suitable for a variety of tree types and sizes, providing essential care for both young and mature trees.



Scope Of Application: Tree Pruning, Worm-eaten tree

Product dosage: 250g paste per square meter

Ingredients: Growth agent. Fungicide, Plastic Gel

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