Gradient Color Curly Wig Piece

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Gradient Color Curly Wig Piece


STUNNING GRADIENT COLORS – The Gradient Color Curly Wig Piece is a mesmerizing blend of colors. This wig piece adds a touch of enchantment to her hairstyle. The transitions between colors create a captivating visual effect that’s perfect for special events or everyday wear.

LUXURIOUS LENGTH – With a generous length of 50cm, this wig piece allows her to experiment with various styles. She can keep it long and flowing, or trim it to her desired length. The versatility in length ensures she can achieve the look she desires.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL – Crafted from high-temperature resistant chemical fiber, this wig piece is designed for durability and longevity. It can withstand heat styling and maintain its beautiful curls, ensuring it stays looking fabulous for a long time.

UNIVERSAL FIT – The Gradient Color Curly Wig Piece is designed to fit a universal head shape. Whether she’s attending a special event, cosplaying, or simply looking for a fresh and fun hairstyle, this wig piece is the perfect choice.


Color: Gradient Light Brown, Gradient Gray, Gradient Blue, Gradient Light Pink, Gradient Gold, Gradient Pink

Length: 55cm

Material: High Temperature Resistant Chemical Fiber

Type: Curly Hair

Applicable Head Shape: Universal


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