Glasses Non-Slip Ear Grips (3 pairs)

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Glasses Non-Slip Ear Grips (3 pairs)

Stop Your Eyewear from Slipping Down Your Nose!

Prevent your eyeglasses from falling off every time you slightly bow your head with these handy Glasses Non-Slip Ear Grips!

These silicone grips are a lifesaver for both adults and active children. You can move freely when wearing glasses as it lessens slippage and prevents it from falling to the ground.


✔ Anti-Slip Silicone: It stops your glasses from slipping off by providing an extra grip on your ears.

✔ Soft & Comfortable: These silicone retainers will not turn solid or go yellow. They provide the extra cushion to keep your ears from feeling sore.

✔ Fits Various types of Glasses Perfectly: Fits all 6 to 12mm glasses, such as scaffolding eyeglasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, etc.

✔ Wear Glasses without Worry: Do different types of activities without restricting your movements. Suitable for sports, work, and daily life.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Colors Available


Glasses Non-Slip Ear Grips (3 pairs)

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