GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses


GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses

Over 96.4% customers have found their vibrant colors wearing GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses!

What is Color Blindness?

Color blindness is a reduced ability to distinguish between colors when compared to the standard for normal human color vision. Individuals with color blindness usually have difficulty distinguishing between certain colors as their visual system cannot account for the overlapping wavelength of certain colors. The reason for this varies from genetic mutation, aging, progressive eye diseases, and chemical exposure.

The most common types of color blindness includes:

  • redgreen color blindness
  • bluegreen color blindness
  • blue– yellow color blindness

Discover Vibrant Colored Vision With Zpectrum Lens

Zpectrum’s Enhanced Color Receptor lens technology selectively and effectively filters light to increase the contrast in different color signs to neutralize the symptoms of color blindness. By so doing, enabling the wearer to experience a more enriched, vibrant, and vivid perception of the world.

Based on Clinical Trial Report with  4000 Volunteer Participants 

With a sampling size of 4000 participants with different types of color blindness, Zpectrum Lens is confidently proven to have a resounding success on providing a more vivid and vibrant colored vision for those affected by color blindness.

Invented by Ophthalmologist

Dr. George Samson invested 20 years of discovery and refinement in bringing the miracle of Zpectrum Lenses to life. His study, published in 2018, further proved the use of microlized refractive minerals in filtering colors in hope of aiding color blindness. Those who are color blind are able to see with more color intensity thanks to the microlized minerals that is combined in the making of the Zpectrum Lens.

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