GFOUK™ Universal 433M Remote Control Signal Duplicator


GFOUK™ Universal 433M Remote Control Signal Duplicator

Universal Signal Duplicator – Elevating Convenience In Your Daily Life

GFOUK™ Universal 433M Remote Control Signal Duplicator is innovative device enables you to effortlessly clone up to 4 remote buttons from either the same or different remotes, consolidating multiple controllers into one convenient unit. This versatile gadget seamlessly transfers signals to duplicate your existing remote controls, providing you with a reliable backup in case you misplace or lose the original.

One Key For Many – Simplify Your Access With Signal Duplication

This Signal Duplicator has the ability to duplicate signals from any wireless remote control, car key, electronic devices or garage door opener, providing you with unparalleled convenience. Imagine carrying just one compact duplicator instead of juggling multiple remotes and keys.

The New Technology to Extend Signal Duplication : ProximityCopy™

The GFOUK™ Universal Signal Duplicator engineer with with an innovative approach, ProximityCopy™. This technique can detect signals from a considerable distance and initiate the copying process during data transfer. It guarantees not only a resilient and interference-resistant signal transmission but also provides an unparalleled safeguard against unauthorized access.

Streamline Your Access Control

 This signal duplicator empowers you to replace up to four keys with a single, versatile device. It allows for a seamless integration of all your access controls into one convenient unit. What sets GFOUK™ Signal Duplicator apart is its individual password storage for each key, ensuring security and organization. No more fumbling through a collection of keys; now, you can have a backup of all your keys readily available in case the original is misplaced.

Unleashing High-Frequency Power in Cutting-Edge CPUs

This Signal Duplicator is designed to transfer signals with the utmost privacy and protection. The 433MHz frequency not only ensures a robust and interference-resistant communication but also ensure your signals are transmitted with the highest level of safety.


Material: Plastic & Metal

Colour: Black

Type: Wireless remote

Working Frequency: 433/315Mhz

Operating Voltage: DC 12 V (12V/27A Battery)

Size: 66.3*16.2*14.5 mm

Weight: 18.2 g

Application: Garage Doors, Motorcycles, Car Alarm Products, Home Security Products, Short-Range Wireless Remote Control Products, Industrial Control Products

Package Included

1x – GFOUK™ Universal 433M Remote Control Signal Duplicator

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