GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap


GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap

The following are some satisfied customers after using GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap

“I had previously tried using hair dye to cover my gray hair, but the application caused severe itching and inflammation problems on my scalp. I tried various methods to alleviate the discomfort but the results were not significant. On the advice of my doctor, I started using a natural soap, a product with mild ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Not only did I see an improvement in the condition of my scalp, but I also had my gray hair gradually regain its black color and my hair became softer.”— Chloe Schmidt

“I am a doctor who often stays up late at work, and I have grown a lot of grey hair on my head. Especially when I went out with my girlfriend, I was often mistaken as father and daughter, which made me feel embarrassed. By insisting on using GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap, my grey hair is almost invisible and the quality of my hair has become better. This makes me feel very happy and thankful for the difference this soap has made!”—Brandon Roberts

GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap is a multi-benefit, highly effective hair care soap that has been carefully formulated with a natural formula that not only provides all-round hair and scalp nourishment and restores shiny black hair color. It also deeply repairs hair fibers, strengthens the scales layer, repairs hair structure, eliminates hair mites, and provides hair strengthening and anti-hair loss protection.

Why do we grow gray hair?

Hair color is determined by the pigment in the hair. Hair color is responsible for a substance called melanin pigment, a black pigment produced by pigment cells in the hair follicle. As we age or are affected by oxidative stress, the functioning of the melanocytes weakens, causing them to produce less pigment, which accelerates the process of hair graying.

Scene of the Gray Hair

Clinical Validation

Dr. Sophia Montgomery, as a respected dermatologist, currently holds a faculty position at MIT. Her area of research focuses on hair. Her efforts are focused on restoring the natural color of hair through the use of soap products with natural ingredients. She is involved in a research study dedicated to the development of a soap that is rich in natural herbal ingredients GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap. This product carries a natural and harmless effect compared to ordinary hair dyes, providing a new way to protect hair.

How does GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap work?


Applying the foam of GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap to the hair, it penetrates deeply to promote the production of melanin in the hair, gradually adjusting the distribution of pigments within the hair and gradually restoring the natural hair color to gray hair. This soap helps to repair hairsoothe the scalp and eliminate hair mites. Regular use of GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap helps to restore dark, shiny hair and improve the scalp environment.

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