GFOUK™ NumbFix Hands and Foots Spray


GFOUK™ NumbFix Hands and Foots Spray

Satisfied customers have eagerly expressed their experiences and results.

“I’ve been working in front of a computer since my teenage years, and it was starting to take a toll on my nerve tissue. The constant pain and limited mobility had become quite distressing. That’s when my daughter recommended GFOUK™ NumbFix Hands and Foots Spray to me. After using it, I felt a significant improvement in my hand’s condition, with increased blood flow and reduced numbness. Now, lifting dumbbells is a breeze, and my hands have regained their healthy appearance. This product has truly made a positive impact on my daily life.” – Nicole O’Neil

“I’ve been managing diabetes for quite some time, and recently, I’ve been experiencing more frequent episodes of numbness. What really alarmed me was the appearance of black bruises on my feet, which was quite concerning. I decided to give GFOUK™ NumbFix Hands and Foots Spray a try, and I’ve been using it for a month now. I can confidently say that it has brought me comfort and noticeably improved my blood circulation. Not only that, but it also quickly reduced the appearance of the bruises and alleviated the numbness. This product has made a significant difference in my quality of life.” – Adonis Felton

The Cause of Numbness

Numbness is often described as a common sensation denoting the lack of feeling in a specific part of the body. It can appear in different areas, such as the fingers, toes, hands, feet, and even the face. The extremities, particularly the hands and feet, are the most frequent locations for its occurrence. People experiencing prolonged numbness may also encounter supplementary sensations like tingling, prickling, or the feeling of “pins and needles.

The neurological system is responsible for transmitting information between the brain and the rest of the body. Pressure on the blood vessels supplying blood to the nerves causes a temporary blockage of circulationresulting in a temporary lack of energy supply to the muscles and nerves, preventing the brain from obtaining the information it should be able to receive through these nerve bundles, resulting in tingling in the arms or legs. Numbness in the arms or legs can occur when the tendons in the carpal tunnel become thickened or inflamed, or when the connective tissue around the nerve becomes edematous or fibrotic, a common cause of narrowing of the carpal tunnel, which compresses the median nerve.

Usage Directions

1. Wash and dry your hands & foots/affected area.

2. Apply the GFOUK™ NumbFix Hands and Foots Spray.

3. Gently massage into the skin until absorbed.

4. Consistency of using is the key for amazing results.


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