GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil


GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil

Some of our satisfied customer shared their experience using the GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil

“I’m a teacher and being able to hear clearly is crucial in my line of work. The constant ringing in my ears was making it difficult for me to concentrate and was affecting my job performance. My co-teacher said I am experiencing earwax blockage, which I am positive too because after our swimming outing, I experienced this right away. After just a few days of using GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil, I noticed a significant improvement in my ears. This oil really helped dissolve those earwax buildups in my ears. I can now concentrate on my work and my students without the constant distraction of an ear problem.” – Isabel Tucker

“My ear was completely clogged with wax, and I couldn’t hear anything on that side. GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil was recommended to me by a friend. I followed the package instructions carefully, and it took a few days, but on day four or five, a TON of wax chunks washed out of my ear, and I could hear again! I’m glad I didn’t have to go to the doctor to get this done. I’ll definitely have this on hand for future reference.” – Hayden Stephens

What is Cerumen Impaction?

Cerumen impaction, also known as earwax impaction, is a condition in which earwax builds up and becomes impacted in the ear canal. Cerumen impaction can occur when there is an overproduction of earwax, or when the ear canal is narrow, making it difficult for the earwax to escape.

What Happens If Impacted Earwax is Not Removed?

Excessive ear wax may exacerbate the symptoms of earwax impaction if left untreated. These signs might include tinnitus, hearing loss, and ear discomfort. Additionally, an accumulation of earwax may make it challenging to see within your ear, which might lead to serious problems being untreated.

Product Usage

  1. Place 3-4 drops of warmed oil in the infected ear
  2. Plug with cotton ball for 30 minutes.
  3.  For best results, lay down on your side when dispensing drops in ear.

Product Details

Package Includes

1 x GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil

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