GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device


GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device

Empowering Your Phone with 50 Million Volts of Defense

GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device is a discreet yet powerful self-defense solution. This mini plug seamlessly transforms your phone into a formidable 50 million volt stun device, ensuring unparalleled protection in a compact and inconspicuous form. It serves as the ultimate “hide in plain sight” self-defense weapon, all within the convenience of your pocket.

Boasting an exceptional 50,000,000-volt output, this Phone Stun Device, transforms your phone into a powerhouse of protection. Engineered for convenience, its compact and portable design effortlessly attaches to the phone’s charging area, ensuring it remains an unobtrusive addition to your mobile device.

Instant Defense : Swift Activation for Immediate Protection

Engineered for rapid response, the GFOUK™️ VoltStrike Phone Stun Device ensures immediate activation in critical moments, offering users a swift and reliable means of self-protection. With just a simple push of the stun button, this device springs into action, providing an instant shield of defense.

Universal Phone Compatibility

Designed to fit a wide range of phones, this device seamlessly integrates with the charging port of most smartphones, ensuring broad usability.

The Swift and Non-lethal Power of Our Advanced Electric Shock Device

Our device is designed to deliver a powerful electric shock with remarkable precision. In just 0.01 milliseconds, it can affect the human body, providing an instantaneous response for self-defense. With the ability to penetrate up to 2 cm of clothing, this device ensures effectiveness even in challenging situations. Importantly, the electric shock is non-lethal, striking a crucial balance between potency and safety.


Voltage Output: 50,000,000 Volts

Compatibility: Universal fit most smartphone charging ports (Type-c, Lightning, Micro USB)

Material: High-grade, durable plastic and metal electrodes

Safety Features:

  • Safety Switch
  • Insulated body for user protection

Activation Mechanism: To engage the stun gun feature, simply press the volume button on your phone

Power Source: Portable charging box

Battery Life: Up to 100 activations or 6 months standby

Charging Time: Approximately 2 hours for full charge

Colours: Silver & Grey

Package Included

1x – GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device
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