Furniture Silicone Buffer Pad


Furniture Silicone Buffer Pad

Soft Mini Silicone Pad for Quiet Closing! These Furniture Silicone Cushions Are Designed with Soft Durometer Bumpers That Provide a Quiet Closing Mechanism, Preventing Any Noise or Banging Sounds When Closing Drawers or Doors.

Strong Adhesion: The strong adhesion property of these silicone cushions ensures that they stay securely in place once applied. They will not easily come off or shift, providing reliable cushioning and protection to your furniture.

Made of Molded Polyurethane: Crafted from high-quality molded polyurethane, these cushions offer durability and long-lasting performance. They are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring they can withstand everyday use without losing their effectiveness.

Versatile Use: These furniture silicone cushions are suitable for various applications. Whether you want to use them on cabinet doors, drawers, tables, or chairs, they offer great flexibility in protecting your furniture and reducing noise levels.

Easy to Use: Applying these silicone pads is a breeze! With the easy-peel backing, you can quickly and easily apply them to any desired surface. No additional tools or adhesive substances are required. Diversified application scenarios

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