Food Preservation Defroster


Food Preservation Defroster

4 Major Problems of Traditional Thawing Methods: Long Defrosting Time, Bacterial Growth, Nutrient Loss, and Poor Taste.

Get this Meat Preservation Defroster to save your time, effort, and food. Fast thawing for about 20 minutes, with UV bacteriostasis function to keep your meat fresh and healthy.

Suitable for households, commercial kitchens, restaurants, and other food service establishments.


* Great Performance: This defroster is great at maintaining the original taste of meat, and the defrosting speed is fast, with no loss of nutrients. USB charging design is easy to use.

* Fast Thawing: The defroster takes 25 to 35 minutes to melt frozen meat, and 15 to 20 minutes to melt seafood. Featured 2-gear timer for defrosting various kinds of food. Easy Timing, No Worries.

* Great Gift: A meat defroster is a great gift that any home cook or barbecue enthusiast will love and can be popular and very useful as housewarming gifts, bridal house gifts, cooking gifts, or host and hostess gifts for people who love to cook.

* Excellent Material: The defroster is made from healthy ABS and PP materials and features three-dimensional wind circulation to speed up defrosting of food, making it more hygienic and safer than defrosting in a microwave or in water.

* Multi-functions: Featuring a draining design, it is not only suitable for the quick defrosting of frozen food but also for the cleaning of fruits and vegetables. It is also a sterilized container for dishes and kitchen utensils.


* Detachable for easy cleaning

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