Fold-up welding goggles


Fold-up welding goggles

Enhance your protective equipment with our flip-up welding goggles, which offer unrivalled protection for your eyes during welding and other industrial work. Crafted with precision and comfort, these goggles are an essential addition to your welding kit.



HINGED DESIGN: Our safety spectacles have a practical flip-up design that allows you to switch between welding and normal vision without having to remove the spectacles. This saves time and ensures continuous eye protection.

HOCHWERTIGER AUGENSCHUTZ: Designed for welding, these safety goggles offer exceptional eye protection against harmful UV and IR radiation, sparks and dirt particles. You can work with peace of mind knowing your eyes are protected from potential hazards.

COMFORTABLE FIT: The elastic headband and padded frame ensure a comfortable and secure fit over an extended period of time. Say goodbye to discomfort and distractions at work.

FOG-FREE AND SCRATCH-RESISTANT: These safety spectacles are equipped with anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses that ensure clear vision even in difficult conditions. Concentrate on your work without worrying about impaired vision.

VERSATILE USE: Ideal for welding, cutting, soldering and other industrial applications. Our safety goggles are versatile and suitable for a wide range of tasks.


Type:Fold-up welding safety spectacles

Color of the lenses: Black & white (double lenses)

Frame color: Green

UV protection: Yes

Fold-up design: Yes


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