FLYCARE™ EchoPure Organic Ear Support Elixir


FLYCARE™ EchoPure Organic Ear Support Elixir

FLYCARE™ EchoPure Organic Ear Support Elixir

Don’t let noise silence you, Keep your ears safe and sound!

Are you someone who is particularly sensitive to sound or experiencing intense noises? Perhaps you are currently dealing with tinnitus, a condition that might affect your daily life and overall well-being. To address this issue, we have developed a unique solution called FLYCARE™ EchoPure Organic Ear Support Elixir. This innovative product is designed to soothe your ears and help prevent those bothersome ringing episodes, ultimately enhancing your quality of life.

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say About FLYCARE™ EchoPure Organic Ear Support Elixir

“As an office worker who spends hours receiving and making calls, I hated how the ringing in my ears made me unproductive. I often have to take breaks and ride out the ringing before getting back to work. Luckily, I have the FLYCARE™ EchoPure Organic Ear Support Elixir and placed 1-2 on my ear. Within just a few hours, the ringing in my ear stopped. My hearing improved and I can now listen to music or videos without setting the volume on full blast. Additionally, my ear doesn’t hurt anymore and the inflammation has completely disappeared”


Agnes Parker, 34, Green Bay, Wisconsin

“As a call center agent, I am constantly engaged in conversations with clients over the phone, which can be quite taxing on my ears. Unfortunately, this continuous exposure to calls led to severe ringing in my ears, making it challenging to hear and communicate effectively with my clients. Consequently, my work performance suffered. However, I have found great relief and improvement in my situation through the use of this product. This remarkable ear elixir has successfully reduced the volume of the ringing in my ears, allowing me to hear my clients more clearly. Moreover, it has significantly decreased the frequency of tinnitus episodes, enabling me to maintain a consistent and high level of productivity in my job.”


Clyde Marshall, 52, Dubuque, Iowa

What are the common ear problems?

Prolonged hearing issues are a major concern when hearing aids and medications don’t work well. These often only treat symptoms not the root causeEar infections can cause painfeverhearing loss, and discharge, while tinnitus brings ringing or buzzing sounds not from external sources. It can be due to hearing lossear damage, or head injuries, affecting daily life with stress and sleeplessness. It’s vital to tackle these causes and improve ear health

How To Use

Step 1: Wash and dry your ear. Only use the product with intact and trauma-free eardrums.
Step 2: Place 1-2 small droplets of the FLYCARE™ EchoPure Organic Ear Support Elixir on the front of your ear (Tinghui Point) and the bottom part of your ear (Yifeng Point)

  • Ingredients: Angelica Root, Borneol, Ginkgo Biloba and Pine Bark
  • Net Wt. : 30 ml

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