FlexiBrush Pet Toothbrush With Tongue Scraper

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FlexiBrush Pet Toothbrush With Tongue Scraper

Every wag, every woof, every wonderful moment with your furry friend starts with good health. And a key part of that? A bright and clean smile!

Our new FlexiBrushis more than just a toothbrush. Made of gentle, flexible silicone, it’s expertly designed to navigate the nooks and crannies of your dog’s mouth. No plaque hides from its reach!

  • Tailored for Canines: Custom design ensures a comfortable and efficient clean.
  • Soft & Gentle: Safeguard their gums with our super-soft silicone bristles.
  • Deep Clean: Reach hard-to-clean areas effortlessly for a plaque-free shine!

Prioritize your pup’s dental health. With the FlexiBite Dental Defender, every day is a step closer to brighter smiles and happier, healthier playtimes.

Bark away bad breath and defend against dental disease!

Selling points:
1. Designed for loving pets, scientific oral cleaning care, milk teeth brush – incisor and groove teeth surface cleaning; tongue brush – tongue surface attached dirt cleaning
2. 0.8MM fine bristles, soft Q-tip, deep cleaning does not hurt the oral cavity easily take away the residue stains
3. Mini small head design, designed for the pet’s mouth small head, the entrance does not reject
4. toothbrush is silicone material, the entrance peace of mind; configuration PP material dustproof storage box, clean and hygienic
5. The box has a fixed toothbrush position, to avoid the toothbrush placed when the chaotic movemen

Material: PP + silicone

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