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Dark circles, acne, spots, etc… can be effectively concealed while your face shines naturally! 😍
Depending on your skin tone, the three colors can be blended with each other.
A natural concealer color that is perfect for your skin.

Flawless makeup concealer that is easy to apply!
Make your face shine beautifully and naturally!
Our cosmetics concealer is light and thin, breathable, easy to mix, hide the pores, make your skin smooth and the concealer does not falls off.

Infused with essence, lasting moisture
Core ingredients contain 17 amino acids, Effectively moisturize the skin and do not damage it.
Safe ingredients without added
The ingredients used are gentle and safe for your skin care.
Made for everyone
This 3-color concealer cream is made suitable for all age group, all facial shapes and skin tones!


  • Highlight facial contours, define perfect nose, make facial features more refined.
  • Perfect cover dark circles, spots, Pock marks, to create skin.
  • pores, covering dull, brighten skin tone, showing a natural makeup.
  • Create more beautiful full lips. Enhance self-confidence, perfect makeup look.

Clear and flawless, deduct perfect skin!
3 in 1:
# Bright color
Retouch dullness, fill up tear grooves, naturally brighten skin tone.
# Natural color
Covers dark blemishes such as spots, acne marks, etc.
# Healthy color
Covering all dark circles and large blemishes, maki my your face looks not only beautiful but also healthy. It can also be used for partial shadows.

How to use:
1. Cover dark circles
Use a small amount to brighten the skin and spread it on the dark circles several times.
2. Cover acne marks, spots
Use healthy colors first, and then use natural colors to cover skin that is similar to the nearby skin tone.
3. Cover up dull skin tone
Cover with natural color in small amount and many times.
Bright color for brightening, healthy color for shadow.

Skin type: All skin types
Specification: 5g
Shelf life: 3 years
Effect: Cover blemishes & dark circles, weaken pores, brighten skin tone
Colors: Bright & Natural & Healthy, 3 in 1

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