Electric High Speed Mixing Cup

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Electric High Speed Mixing Cup

The Third Generation of upgraded portable mixing cup 

Enjoy the freedom of delicious food easily


Strong power – 7000 revolutions per minute powerful motor produces easy to achieve uniform and fast mixing.Eggs and cream can also be stirred without caking.Enjoy the silky and smooth taste.

Evenly Stirring – The old-style magnetic stirring cup stirs at the bottom, is easy to clump, and can’t stir well. Our upgraded stirring cup stirs from top to bottom, fully stirs, and you can see the stirring process through the clear cup body.

One Stirring Cup Stirs All  It can satisfy all your mixing needs, such as coffee, yeast powder, soybean powder, milk powder, probiotics, protein powder, shakes, oatmeal, meal replacement powder, and so on.

One-button Start – Powered by two AAA batteries, tap the top switch to start, simple and convenient. The cup also features a lid that keeps your drink hot and prevents spills.

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