Electric All-In-One Spice Grinder: One-Touch Pepper & Salt Mill


Electric All-In-One Spice Grinder: One-Touch Pepper & Salt Mill


As someone with rheumatoid arthritis, twisting a pepper grinder is a real pain. Until I bought it!

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This set is equipped with an exclusive rechargeable storage base, which is more portable. In addition, there is a charging interface on the back of the base, which can be easily connected to the power supply.

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The cooking of food is like a practice. Careful preparation and cooking build the skeleton of a delicious meal, whether it is steak, barbecue, seafood… ln the end, there is always a little bit of spicy condiment embellishment, which elevate the fragrance and the whole experience.

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Pepper grinder is the perfect tool for the kitchen and table, a perfect gift for mom, grandpa and grandma. Great for cooking or grilling, add style to your kitchen and table. Beautifully packaged, it is the perfect gift for mother’s day, father’s day, christmas, birthdays or any other occasion.

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One-hand Operation

Easy to use, one-touch control, just press button and electric grinder will light up and deliver freshly ground spices. Then you can easily grind pepper with amazing grinder. So you always get freshly ground spices instead of losing flavor in container.

Adjustable Pepper Grinder

Electric pepper grinder has an adjustable ceramic rotor with multiple grind levels from coarse to fine for you to choose from. You can choose the coarseness of salt or pepper by turning the adjustment knob on the top of the grinder.

A Charging Base in Package

No batteries needed. Fully charged in just 1-hour. Charging for 5 minutes, you can grind 15g pepper.

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Wide Range Of Use

Perfect for partner for home kitchens, restaurants, outdoor picnics,camping and parties.

With spice grinder set, whatever you are ,you can get the delicious food .

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