Elastin hair care curly hair styling


Elastin hair care curly hair styling

Curl Boost Defining Cream is an argan oil-based, moisturizing lightweight cream. Helps hydrating, detangles hair while reducing frizz, giving your hair more defined lines. Volumizing your hair and no more flattened and dullness. Now you just have defined and bouncy curls effortlessly.

1.Help prevent split ends of hair, make hair healthier and more beautiful.
2.Repair hair tips and restore smoothness to dry hair.
3.Provide necessary nutrition for hair.

1.After washing your hair, apply this product to your hair. Do not touch the scalp.
2.Massage the hair with fingertips to help the hair absorb nutrients faster.( It is recommended to massage for 2-5 minutes)
3.Then rinse with clean water. You will find that your hair will quickly become soft and smooth!

Main Features

  • 【Bouncy Curlie】:Just apply on dry or wet hair to define and hold your curls in place all day.Rebounce, rehydrate, and reactivate dry curls after a long night’s rest – without shampooing!
  • 【Instant Volumizing】: Enrich, lift, and plump-up flat, dull tresses while enhancing the appearance of every strand for a fuller, thicker look.
  • 【Immediate Effect & Quick Drying】: Easy moisturizing cream revives the bounce in curls without rewashing, and you can see the effect in just a few secs.
  • 【Flexible & Lightweight Curls】: Soften your hair and leaves it styling manageable without product buildup.Hydrates, conditions and preserves moisture in frizzy, fallen curls.


  • 【Works On All Hair Type】: No matter you have dry or oily hair, we work on all hair types.


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