Egg shell opener

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Egg shell opener

With this egg opener, you can open whole eggs and cook unique dishes.


Easy to clean: Just use soap and cleaning products to clean the egg slicer because its material is very easy to clean.

Simple to use: Simply pull the ball over the top and release it, and the sharp edges will cut precisely through the hard-boiled egg shells.

Convenient Eggshell Cutter: Elegant looking, portable and easy to store, the eggshell cutter fits most egg sizes.

Versatile Egg Cutter Cut: Perfect kitchen gadget egg cutter for slicing your hard-boiled eggs, pieces of soft fruits and vegetables, such as kiwi, strawberries, bananas and mushrooms.

Steel, eggshellcutter, Kitchen & Dining, eggbeater


Material: ABS+ stainless steel


Color: Random

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