Efficient Liquid Stone Stain & Rust Remover

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Efficient Liquid Stone Stain & Rust Remover


POWERFUL FORMULA: This stain remover utilizes a potent cleaning formula to effectively eliminate deep-seated stains and rust marks from stone surfaces such as wine stains, oil stains, grease, and rust. The process is quick, saving your cleaning time and restoring a clean and shiny floor.

SAFE FOR STONE: Gentle on natural and engineered stone, this stain remover won’t damage stone surfaces. You can confidently use it at home or in other places without worrying about floor damage.

VERSATILE USE: This stain remover is widely applicable to marble countertops, ceramic tile floors, and other stone surfaces, making it an excellent helper for cleaning homes, hotels, guesthouses, bathrooms, and more.

CONVENIENT AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Available in liquid form for easy application, this stain remover is convenient to use. It also features an eco-friendly formula that does not harm the environment. After use, the floor will be revitalized, and regular use helps maintain the floor and prevent future stains.



Main Ingredients: Inorganic Acid, Surfactant, Deionized Water

Capacity: 500ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Package Includes: 1 * Efficient Liquid Stone Stain & Rust Remover

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